About Us

Celadon, Inc. is a group of highly skilled engineers who are focused on pushing towards the development and execution of new medical imaging systems. In 2009, the Celadon group began its exploration into the use of electromagnetics to produce healthcare diagnostic images when it was established as the Independent Research and Development (IR&D) division of Ellumen, Inc., a certified small business headquartered in Arlington, VA. Ellumen’s history and roots are well established in both the commercial and federal healthcare sectors which has enabled it to leverage a variety of existing IT and engineering expertise, including extensive experience with system design, development, medical imaging techniques and algorithms, and management of large scale healthcare environments. This industry leading expertise coupled with a lack of creative solutions in the healthcare imaging field directly led to the formation of the Celadon IR&D division.  

The Celadon IR&D division has been specifically tasked by the Ellumen executive board with developing microwave imaging systems which utilize electromagnetics in order to generate high-quality internal images of both organic and inorganic bodies. Over the years, Celadon has since expanded its research efforts into complementary areas including antenna design, high performance computing (HPC), parallel computations, vacuum electronics, microwave and millimeter-wave circuits, and computational intelligence with the goal of developing products and technologies that improve the current imaging capabilities of clinicians while minimizing the risk of harm to patients.