Celadon Accepted to Present at the “6th International Workshop on Computational Human Phantoms”

Celadon, Inc. is excited to announce that the team had a paper for poster presentation accepted for the 6th International Workshop on Computational Human Phantoms (CP-2017), which will be held August 28-30, 2017, in Annapolis, MD, USA, at the Loews Hotel. Updates on developments for computational human phantoms are expected along with discussion of applications in computational modeling and simulations for biomedical imaging, radiation dosimetry, treatment planning, and regulatory submissions.

The paper accepted is titled, “Microwave Detection of an Osteophyte in a Knee,” by authors Todd R. McCollough and Wenyi Shao. The paper presents applying a radar based microwave imaging algorithm to detect a small abnormal growth in a knee joint. The Frequency Dependent Finite-Difference Time-Domain method is used along with a knee phantom derived from an MRI scan to generate electric fields. A time domain reconstruction image algorithm, used previously with breast cancer detection in microwave imaging, was applied to the generated scattered fields.  The resultant image shows a dark red area at the location of the abnormal growth in the knee joint and thus implies a microwave method for detecting an osteophyte in the knee may be feasible. We anticipate this contribution aiding in the development of more sophisticated and advanced image reconstruction algorithm for microwave knee diagnosis.

The poster will be presented from 4:00 to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, August 29, 2017. We hope to see many people there as we are looking forward to explaining our research and accomplishments. 

Overall, we are excited about the innovations the Celadon team continues to make!

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