Celadon Paper Published in “Progress Electromagnetics Research C”

Celadon, Inc. is excited to announce that the team’s paper entitled, “A Novel Cavity Backed Monopole Antenna with UWB Unidirectional Radiation” by Arezou Edalati, Wenyi Shao, Todd McCollough, and William McCollough has published in Progress in Electromagnetics Research C and is readable via http://www.jpier.org/PIERC/pier.php?paper=16121610. The article describes a novel unidirectional Ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna with a low dispersion characteristic suitable for high data rate point-to-point communications, radar, and imaging applications.

UWB antennas with an omnidirectional radiation pattern are widely used in wireless communication systems. To minimize undesirable dissipation of power, UWB antennas with a unidirectional radiation pattern are preferable over using an omnidirectional radiation pattern. The article first describes the design of a planar omnidirectional antenna. A rectangular slot is inserted to enhance the radiation performance of the antenna at higher frequencies. Furthermore, to make the radiation pattern of the omnidirectional antenna directive, a compact rectangular metallic reflector is placed at the backside of the omnidirectional antenna to direct the radiated energy forward. The metallic reflector has its bottom wall removed to improve antenna gain at middle frequencies. Parametric studies and optimization are conducted to achieve a final design of the unidirectional antenna. Both omnidirectional and unidirectional antennas are fabricated, are measured in both the time and frequency domains, and the results are compared to simulations. The unidirectional antenna has dimensions of 105 mm X 36 mm X 67.85 mm, operates with high gain (greater than 6 dBi) from 3 GHz to 6 GHz, and was used in our microwave imaging experiments to construct microwave images. The unidirectional antenna allows for higher quality microwave images compared to using an omnidirectional antenna as more electromagnetic signal is directed towards an object of interest.

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