Patent Enhancement Awarded

Celadon, Inc. is continuing to improve its technology and was awarded a new divisional patent for the enhancement of a previous patent entitled, “Dielectric Encoding of Medical Images.” The new divisional patent issued in 2017, by the USPTO, to inventors Todd R. McCollough and William J. McCollough. The patent is useful for the biomedical microwave imaging field as it describes a method to allow physicians to easily interpret images from this modality.

The patent covers the conversion from receiving microwave data representing scattered microwave signals to reconstructed dielectric images to Hounsfield encoded and/or MRI intensity encoded medical images. Thus, a timely and accurate medical diagnosis by trained medical professionals can occur using microwave imaging without any unfamiliarity. Furthermore, existing diagnostic tools and analysis techniques can be used directly with microwave imaging. The patent also includes methods to convert image data with Hounsfield encoded units (common with CT scans) to an image with dielectric encoded units in both the forward and reverse directions. Having dielectric models derived from CT scans can be useful when solving complex problems in computational electromagnetics.

The Celadon R&D group is excited for their team members and want to give a sincere congratulations to both Todd and William McCollough.

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