Celadon Services

If you would like to know more about the extent of our antenna services, request the fabrication of an antenna with unique specifications, or inquire about pricing, please fill out the following Services Request Form and email it to info@celadon-inc.com or call (703) 253-5555 for more information: Antenna Services Request Form

Our services include:

  1. Antenna Design: The Celadon team provides complete in-house design services for our customers. From the gathering of requirements to advanced modeling, our team of engineers have years of experience developing numerous antenna designs of all shapes, sizes, specifications, and materials utilizing our state of the art modeling software. 
  2. Antenna Fabrication: The Celadon team fabricates each antenna using advanced fabrication techniques in our in-house developing lab. We have a wide variety of materials available and our engineering team has the ability and experience to effectively fabricate antennas for an array of applications. All fabricated antennas are functionally tested prior to shipment to ensure they meet required specifications and the quality of our customers demand. 
  3. Antenna Consulting: The Celadon team possess the knowledge and expertise to provide customers with guidance in a number of antenna-related consulting areas. Our PhD level engineers are considered tops in the industry and have proven over the years to provide the clear and concise direction for our customers in a highly complex and technical field.